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I’m planning to renovate the farmhouse so the riders can have a good place to rest after the ride. I’m looking to renovate the bathroom. If you hate seeing clutter in your bathroom, buying a shower dispenser is a good way to eliminate the bottle clutter. Shower dispenser is a beautiful as every bottle is able to hold twelve ounces and there are those that have connection kits and facility marks that have silicone adhesive. These shower dispensers are easy to install since you only spend a few minutes.

When you are shopping you need to know some of the features that make a dispenser unique. The material that dispenser is made up of is one thing you should take into consideration. If you are shopping on a budget, you might want to consider dispenser made of plastic. There are dispensers that can match your bathroom decor. In case purchasing one the room of your child, choose one with a metal or plastic body. Choose ceramic or glass for your room.

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Another thing you should take into consideration is style. There are two leading styles of shower dispensers and they include the counter mounted and wall mounted model. I know you will ask about automatic or electronic models. Well, these models are basically wall-mounted and thus they leave the counter space free. Having said that, here are some of the best shower dispensers that you should buy.

Simplehuman Stainless Steel Wall Mount 3 x 15 fl. oz. Shower Pump

Simplehuman Stainless Steel Wall Mount 3 x 15 fl. oz

This shower dispenser is for everyone who wants one that does not discolor or rust. The materials that make this shower dispenser are rust-proof. This means that the shower dispenser will maintain its look. Apart from that, this dispenser has a wide opening that makes it easy and fast to refill. The wide opening also helps to prevent spilling.

If you are worried about storage, there is no need for that because dispenser has you covered. It features convenient storage hooks that can hold your razors, loofah and other accessories that you might want to use in the shower. Apart from that, there is the die-cast T-bar arm that is durable and makes it effortless to dispense just the proper amount of the shampoo, conditioner or soap.  Another thing that makes this dispenser to stand out from the rest is the fact that you can easily clean it. It lifts off the surface plate to ensure you easily clean or refill it.


  • It is effortless to clean this dispenser
  • Refilling the dispenser is effortless
  • The dispenser is durable
  • It gives you storage for your razor and other accessories
  • Installing this dispenser is easy
  • It does not rust and thus maintains its appearance for its lifespan


  • It failed to stick to the partition

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HotelSpaWave Luxury Shampoo/Lotion Shower Dispenser from Hotel Spa

HotelSpaWave Luxury Shampoo/Lotion Modular design

This is another shower dispenser that you will love thanks to the great features that it has. The shower dispenser features self-supporting modular parts to tailor-match your bathroom and mounts quickly on all surface. Therefore, you don’t need additional tools for the installation. There are sticky mounting brackets that are sticking and so you can use them.  Every section of the dispenser has a wall bracket that provides special configuration at varying distances and heights.

Not only that, but this shower dispenser comes with a manual included to ensure you don’t struggle with the installation. So, if you are new to this, you can easily do it without difficulty by following the guidelines on the manual.


  • It is easy to install this bathroom shower dispenser
  • Refilling the dispenser is easy
  • There is a manual to guide you
  • You have a special configuration thanks to the different sections of the dispenser
  • The body of the dispenser is shatter-resistant
  • The pump design is clog-free
  • You don’t need tools to install this dispenser
  • Provide a huge fluid capacity room


  • I found out that this dispenser has a cheap look

The best way to declutter your bathroom is to get a shower dispenser. Showers come in different sizes and of different types. If you are only interested in a dispenser that can only dispense shampoo, you should go for it. If you need one that can dispense shampoo, conditioner, and soap, be sure to check the labels before you buy. Find the best shower dispenser here.