How to Choose a Mountain Bike?

Purchasing a new and perfect mountain bike can be challenging and confusing and is part of any energy conservation tips for home. To start with, there are many mountain bikes manufactures to choose from. Secondly, these manufacturers produce various designs and upgraded versions of mountain bikes. Mountain bikes vary in size, brakes, suspension, geometric frame, and the tire tread patterns to suit a specific terrain. It is important to note that there is a big difference between mountain bikes and regular road bikes.


Mountain bikes have wider tires and can be ridden on muddy or rocky roads with much more ease. It is necessary to carry out enough research to understand what you are looking for in a mountain bike. The following article will discuss the few factors you need to consider while choosing a mountain bike.


Choose the correct size

The wrong size of a mountain bike will make you feel uncomfortable while riding. Riding on such a bike may result in neck and back pains or other injuries. Not to forget, it increases the chance of falling due to poor balance. All these risks can be avoided by having the right bike. Ensure that you consider the saddle, the position of the pedal, frame size, handlebar height and the stem length of the bike. It is, therefore, necessary to know your body measurements when selecting a bike.


The appropriate wheel size


When buying a mountain bike, you will need to gather adequate information regarding wheel sizes. The type of riding you want to engage in will play a significant role in determining the wheel sizes. A standard sized bike is most suitable for most cyclists and works best on flat surfaces. The most preferred on, in this case, one with 700c wheels. On the other hand, twenty-seven-inch wheel size tends to offer more balance and consistent speeds. They also have a better handle around tight corners. However, you should choose the wheel size that you prefer best.


Find out the quality of the suspension


This process will require you to carry out some extra research. You need to look for reviews of the rear shocks and forks that absorb shock when riding. Contact the manufacturer of the bikes that you desire and get detailed specifications on the exact models on that bike.


Frame materials


The frame of the mountain bike determines its strength, weight, durability, price, and level of comfort when riding. Most bike frames are made from aluminum alloys. The weight of the frame varies depending on the manufacturer and the cost of the bike. Note that lighter frames are more expensive. Materials such as steel and titanium can be used to build the frame but are quite heavy for a mountain bike. Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is used in cross country bikes as it is less heavy and strong.




You need to decide on the amount of money you are willing to spend on a mountain bike. This will help you narrow down the many choices you have to choose from. You should also keep in mind that you will need to purchase extra riding kit to make your riding fun. Some of the things you may need include a backpack, helmet, and gloves.